Whether your organization is a start-up or has several years of history in its industry custom software solutions from Franklin Analytics can help it running at full effectiveness . Franklin Analytics will work with your organization to design tools that will fuel productivity, bolster moral, and empower your employees.

  • Architecture Design & Development
  • Software Design & Development
  • Requirement Specification
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Web Application and SaaS Development
  • Multi-Lingual programming


Franklin Analytics will bring your company the latest techniques in machine learning to build models that will unlock new and valuable insights. Data analytics requires vigilant data management activities and Franklin Analytics is prepared to support your organization from database design and architecture to data ingestion to data analysis and visualization.

  • Cutting-edge machine learning models
  • Data Ingestion and ETL procedures
  • Data Management
  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Data Validation


Is your company looking for new opportunities for growth? Are your projects wallowing in miscommunication and bureaucracy? Franklin Analytics will take a deep look into your organization's business processes and analyze market trends to develop a strategy for your company to reach its goals.

  • Customer Demographic & Behavior Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Technological Readiness Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT Analytsis